Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Guided Friendship

You will always be in my heart
Let it be together or apart
We can find our way
Forever in a day
But what would please me the most
Is to just hold you close
As we sit side by side
And talk about old times
I wish for the day
For you to come my way
As I look in your eyes
I can see your cries
I can feel your hurt
I feel your pain
What could have been is in the past
What can be is in our forecast
Brighter days, Happier times
I can see this is yours and mine
We might not see it now
But our hearts will show us how
Finding you again
Has helped me mend
A heart that was broken
And now it has spoken
For I long for your touch
I can say so much
You are there
I am here
It seems unfair
But one thing I can say
Is our friendship is guiding our way

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